Welcome to Cherie's Pet Sitting Service.

Dog, Cat, Birds, Horses, and Fish Sitting.


The First In-Home Pet Sitting Service of Greer Proudly Serving Since 1993.

COVID-19 Info: Cherie’s Pet Sitting is taking all precautions as suggested by the CDC to prevent exposure and spread of the virus. I am being very careful while in clients’ homes , using all safety precautions which include: masks, gloves, Clorox wipes on handles and surfaces,limiting personal contacts with surfaces and pets ,freqent hand washing, I have incorporated Face Timing with existing clients who need to update me on changes concering the care of of their pets and homes. Face to face meet and greets for new clients are available. Masks are worn when inside your home while incorporating social distancing. Meetings can also be conducted outside while sitting in a backyard or on a porch while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!

Welcome to Cherie's Pet Sitting Service.

Cherie’s Local Pet Sitting & Boarding Services of Greer began in 1993 due to my own personal need for a pet sitter. I had a Labrador Cherie Pet SetterRetriever who went everywhere with me. As she got older, it was difficult for her to travel. I found myself staying home with her because I did not know (or trust) anyone to care for her properly, I had tried a few friends and neighbors but they were not “animal people”. They did not understand the importance of letting her out at proper intervals, giving her medicine on time, or making sure she had fresh water. It was then that I realized that people needed someone to care for their pets while they were away from home

My beloved pet has since passed away, but the memory of her, and the joy she brought my family lives on through Cherie’s Pet Sitting. I have a deep compassion for all animals In Loving Memorythat began as a little girl. I love cats, dogs (all breeds) horses , fish, birds, reptiles… and the list goes on. I think God gives some of us a sixth sense about animals. The ability to “read” them to know what they are thinking or feeling , or to notice when something is not quite right.

I do not have employees.  I am the one who will take care of your pets so you don’t have to worry about a stranger coming into your home. I am certified in animal first aid and have extensive experience with animal emergencies.While you are away you may call me anytime to inquire about your pet. Likewise, if a problem occurs, or I have a question about your pet, I will call you. I will send you picture and videos of your pets via cell phone or internet so that you can see that he/she is happy and safe.

I have 20 years experience caring for dogs, cats, fish, horses, and birds. I love my work and believe that Cherie’s Pet Sitting of Greer provides the most dependable local house and pet sitting services in South Carolina. In addition, a list of satisfied clients can be provided by request.

Each pet receives the same attention and care that I give my own pets. I do not over-book jobs so that I may be able to give your pets the time and attention that is required to insure their health and well being. You may customize each visit according to your pets individual needs along with the number of visits and time of day. Special considerations are made for puppies, kittens and senior pets since their needs tend to be greater. Each visit includes mail and newspaper pickup as well as a routine house check for any problems. Medications will be administered if needed. Overnight and Midday visits are available. I require an initial consultation to meet you and your pets. During this visit I will ask you question about feeding, health problems etc… I will spend time with your pet so that they will feel comfortable with me.

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